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CareVan by Curewell

Care comes to YOU!​​


CareVan Health uses cutting-edge technology and specially-trained medical professionals to provide immediate care to patients where they are most comfortable – their own homes. CareVan Health’s unique approach to hybrid care takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide a convenient, safe, high-quality healthcare experience in the privacy of the patient’s own home.

After using a simple, same-day online scheduling platform, a specially-trained CareVan Health care specialist arrives at your home for the appointment. He/she comes in and conducts typical intake activities in a doctor’s appointment, such as taking your vitals and asking prescreening questions. From there, a CareVan doctor joins the appointment through video conference to consult with the patient, diagnose the issue and prescribe treatment. Thanks to innovative medical technology, the doctor is provided all the patient’s vitals in real time. When the appointment is complete, CareVan works with most major insurance providers to determine any out-of-pocket costs, just like an in-person clinic visit.


How it works

Getting started with our assisted telehealth service is quick and easy. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Request an Appointment

Simply fill out our online form or call our clinic to request an appointment for a telehealth visit. Our friendly staff will help you schedule a convenient time for your appointment.

Step 2: Care Specialist comes to your home

With our cutting edge technology that will enable our Physicians to diagnose and treat as if you were in our clinic. The Care Specialist can also perform any recommended in-person tests or procedures that may be necessary. They'll also help you connect with the physician via our secure telemedicine platform.

Step 3: Consult with a Physician

Once you're connected with the physician, you'll receive a thorough medical consultation just like you would in our clinic. The physician will diagnose your condition, provide treatment options, and prescribe any necessary medications. After your consultation, the Care Specialist will ensure that you have everything you need to recover comfortably at home.



We charge a small convenience fee of $19.99 for the in-home visit from our Care Specialist. We'll also bill your insurance company for the telehealth consultation just as we would if you had visited our clinic in person. There are no hidden fees or charges, and we accept most major insurance plans.

Why should I choose CareVan Health?

Patients should choose CareVan Health for quick and easy same-day appointment scheduling for the diagnosis and treatment of minor to moderate health issues. Patients seeking timely, convenient access to care and a seamless healthcare experience in the comfort of their home should choose CareVan Health. The visits are covered by insurance with only a small service fee.

Why is CareVan Health different/better than existing options?

CareVan Health provides the same types of treatment as an immediate care clinic, but with added convenience.

  • CareVan Health is available for same day appointments.

  • CareVan Health is convenient for those who do not have the time or ability to travel to a clinic, sit in a waiting room and then travel back home while under the weather.

  • CareVan Health is affordable – the service fee is equivalent to a few gallons of gas.

  • CareVan Health is trustworthy. With live map drivertracking, patients will know who is on the way to their home and when they will be there.

  • CareVan Health is brought to you by Curewell, a proven, established immediate care clinic network across the Chicagoland area.

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