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6 Things to Try When You have the Flu in Downers Grove

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Did you get sick after attending the local football game at Hinsdale Central High School? Touch something dirty at Tivoli Theater and catch a bad bug? Here are 7 things to try when you have the flu in Downers Grove / Westmont.

  1. Over-the-counter pain medication to reduce fever and body aches. The basics are usually helpful such as Tylenol, Advil, etc. However, you should always check with a doctor and pharmacist before taking any medication.

  2. Antiviral medication prescribed by a doctor to shorten the duration of the flu. Tamiflu is the biggest name and typically has a positive impact if taken early.

  3. Getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated. Goes without saying but stop going to events at Downers Grove North High School and stay in bed.

  4. Avoiding close contact with others to prevent the spread of the flu. This is tough if you are going to be in school so we recommend staying home. If you need a doctors note, come by the office and we can easily write you a note.

  5. Getting a flu vaccine to prevent getting the flu in the first place. We recommend the CVS that is kiddy corner to Curewell in Downers Grove on the corner of Ogden Ave and Fairview.

  6. Seeking medical attention if symptoms worsen or if you have underlying health conditions. You should definitely let us know how you are doing and we can treat most flu related illnesses at Downers Grove Immediate Care, but if things get worse, head on over to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

Getting a flu test to accurately diagnose the flu and determine the best course of treatment. Downers Grove Immediate Care processes a LOT of flu tests during the winter months. It's an easy and quick way to see what you have. Schedule an appointment today!

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